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You Should Attend If…

. . you are wanting to expand your outreach and influence by building a great web presence for your church. I'll help you simplify your online success strategy so you can expand your influence, have the freedom, flexibility, and impact you want.

 These workshops can help you take your church to the next level. I'll show you exactly what you need to do to create your own website, keep it up to date and how to incorporate content that gets noticed.

Over 10 Years of Web Platform Building Experience Is Only One Click Away!

These workshops represent over 10 years of highly-concentrated advice on creating and maintaining a modern website. This information took me years to learn and digest. I made all the mistakes (as well as learned from the mistakes of others), so you don’t have to. And now you can gain access to it during this website workshop.

No Technical Skills Necessary

You can quickly learn how to create and maintain a beautiful church website. I show you the basics and then lead you ” step by step” through the whole process involved in setting up your ministry web presence. In this workshop, you’ll learn all you need to get started. You’ll be able to ask questions and get the answers that will help you better understand how to make it all happen.

“Hands-On” Learning Experience

Each workshop has a time that is specifically dedicated to getting “hands-on” experience. This is one of the most exciting times of any workshop. Each person is given the opportunity to “test-drive” some of what they have learned. I give one-on-one instruction and answer your questions. You’ll leave this workshop feeling empowered with the knowledge of how to create a website, maintain it and be an effective website administrator.

What Others Are Saying:

This class packed Terry’s 10 plus years of website development experience into a great course for those seeking to understand how to create their own site. He has boiled down the many hosting and software options available into a concise plan that will save those taking this class dozens of hours of research, and get you ready to immediately start creating your own site.

Bill Ekhaml

Church Hospitality Ministry

To say the time spent Saturday morning was “well worth it” is a vast understatement. It has made a significant difference in the way we will use the power of the internet to both conduct business and promote the ministry of our church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You have provided me a head start that can be measured in years

Bob Ashcraft

Deacon and Audio Ministry

This website building workshop is the result of Terry’s many years of experience. It will save you hours of time and frustration by providing the tools needed to easily start and maintain a first-rate website. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone desiring to promote their business or ministry.

Thomas Altizer 


I‘d highly recommend this to anyone wanting insight on creating an attractive, easy to navigate website that ensures your crucial info is seen in seconds. This workshop gave us such valuable insights and tools!!!

Pastor C. S. Hicks

Beaver Creek Baptist Church

Too often, a novice user like me can get left behind during technical training of this type. Your mix of PowerPoint slides, videos, and watching you live, plus the opportunity to do it ourselves, hands-on, was so effective. I came away from the training with far more than I had expected. . . . I also now feel quite confident in my ability to actually get it done.

Debbie Ashcraft

Hospitality Coordinator

Your Web Workshop For Ministries and Businesses exceeded my expectations. . . . The audio/visual tools you used made your presentation clearer and served to clarify the points you were teaching. The best part for me was the tips and tricks you presented to make our page building easier and reduce frustration. . . . The information in this presentation would certainly be valuable to others who are looking to create a website for their church, ministry or even business. . . . I hope we will have the opportunity for another.

Sherry Linkous

Church Member

You came to our church, and personally gave a very professional seminar on website building and equally important instructed us on how to maintain it.   If you are serious about having a clean, professional looking website that will serve your needs, Mr. Walters is one of the best in the business. 


Pastor Steve Lackey

Grace Baptist Church

In This Workshop You'll Learn:

  • How to get started on a shoestring budget.
  • How to expand your ministry's impact and know exactly what steps to take. 
  • Step-by-step instruction.
  • The best strategies to reach your target audience or local community.
  • To demystify all those "techy" terms and gain a clear understanding. 
  • To take control of your web properties.
  • How to get your sermons and videos online.
  • What equipment you need and how to use it.
  • How to create eye-popping graphics by using cutting edge free resources 
  • Through captivating visuals, "hands-on" experience and question and answers.
  • How to make a real difference in your community and world through your website.
  • ...and more!