Website Building Workshop For Ministries

I recently held a Website Building Workshop For Ministries in a public library conference room. The turnout was great for this intense 5-hour class. I am especially excited about this topic. Too often churches are at the mercy of a third-party to update their website. My goal in these workshops is to empower churches to take total control of their web presence. By doing this the church can make changes, additions, and announcements anytime they desire. But churches need someone who can cut through all the clutter and point them in the right direction. That’s why I designed this workshop especially for those with a limited knowledge of the web.

No Technical Skills Necessary

Initially, some were skeptical that it would be too difficult for them to learn. But they soon discovered how easy it was to get started using only basic email and word processing skills. In this website building workshop for ministries, they quickly learned how they could create and maintain a beautiful church website themselves. I simply began with web basics and then went step by step through the whole process involved in setting up a church website, learning how to update information and serve as an administrator.  The interaction was great. Throughout the class, they asked questions that opened up opportunities for further discussions.

“Hands-On” Learning Experience

The last hour was dedicated to getting some hands-on experience. To me, this is one of the most exciting times of any workshop. There is nothing better than learning how to do something than by actually doing it yourself.  Each person was provided an opportunity to “test-drive” some of what they had learned. I was able to walk around the room and answer questions. This gave me the opportunity to give individual help. I watched their facial expressions light up as each one completed the assignments I gave them. They left equipped and empowered with a better knowledge of how to create, maintain and be an effective website administrator.

Phenomenal Feedback

The feedback has been great! I’ll give just a few excerpts (more on this later) from those who attended the Website Building Workshop for Ministries.

“I‘d highly recommend this to anyone wanting insight on creating an attractive, easy to navigate website that ensures your crucial info is seen in seconds. This workshop gave us such valuable insights and tools!!!” – C. S. Hicks, Pastor

To say the time spent Saturday morning was “well worth it” is a vast understatement. It has made a significant difference in the way we will use the power of the Internet to both conduct business and promote the ministry of our church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You have provided me a head start that can be measured in years.” Bob Ashcraft – Software Developer & Deacon

“Too often, a novice user like me can get left behind during technical training of this type. Your mix of PowerPoint slides, videos, and watching you live, plus the opportunity to do it ourselves, hands-on, was so effective. I came away from the training with far more than I had expected. . . . I also now feel quite confident in my ability to actually get it done.” – Debbie Ashcraft –  Entrepreneur

This class packed Terry’s 10 plus years of website development experience into a great course for those seeking to understand how to create their own site.  He has boiled down the many hosting and software options available into a concise plan that will save those taking this class dozens of hours of research, and get you ready to immediately start creating your own site.” – Bill Ekhaml, Church Hospitality Coordinator & Mechanical Engineer