Top 5 Killer Attitudes That Will Poison Your Church [Video]

Attitude is everything especially when it comes to your church’s health. Today I’m counting down the top 5 attitudes that will poison your church. For this list I’ve compiled the top five attitudes I’ve seen in the last 35 years that have kept churches at a standstill.  Here’s a short list of attitudes that will poison your church and guarantee it’s lack of growth. There are many others, but these are the ones I’ve seen most prevalent. They can often be found amongst older established churches. These attitudes will poison a congregation and keep it from growing, not just in number, but in its overall health and effectiveness.

Top 5 Killer Attitudes That Will Poison Your Church

# 5 – The “Self-Defeated” Attitude

While churches should not set unrealistic goals they should exercise faith. With this “self-defeated” mindset new ideas are shot down before they leave the runway. Like the things I mentioned above, this is discouraging to the church and the leadership. Ideas are viewed as being impossible to accomplish and never reach the point of discussion.

# 4 – “It’s The Pastor’s Job” Attitude.

Some churches have the attitude that everything is the pastor’s responsibility. This is an unbiblical viewpoint. At best, members see themselves as spectators and at worst, as employers.  They assume the attitude of supervisors rather than co-laborers with the leadership. This guarantees that the pastor will become overworked, discouraged, and the church will remain small.

# 3 – The “Gatekeeper” Attitude.

These are folks who hold an office in the church or have invested in it for many years. As such, they can often have a natural sense of personal responsibility to protect and care for the church. This is admirable to a point, but sometimes it can be taken too far. When it is, they overrate their importance and opinion. They become “gatekeepers” for every proposed change and “hold the purse strings” on every project. The leadership must find ways to deal with these self-appointed “guardians” if it is to make any progress.

# 2 – “Don’t Rock The Boat” Attitude.

This mindset says, “don’t make any changes and don’t disturb us”. They want to keep things like they are and not upset anyone. Movement causes friction, but many churches need to be “rocked”. Changes need to be made and members encouraged to move out of their comfort zone. While some degree of opposition is to be expected, too much friction may indicate that other options should be considered.

#1 – The “Status Quo” Attitude.

Churches with this mindset are satisfied with things the way they are. Their secret weapon is the phrase “that’s how we’ve always done it”. It is one of the deadliest tools in the arsenal of the naysayers. It kills momentum, creates discouragement and keeps the church from moving forward. Churches must think about the long-term and be on the lookout to improve without sacrificing core values. There is no such thing as a plateaued church, it’s either moving forward – or moving backward. Maintaining the “status Quo” is not an option.


Do you agree with my list? What church killing attitudes did I overlook?