My weekly podcast the “On Leadership and Life” is dedicated to giving you insight on effective ministry leadership styles, developing ministry leadership skills and balancing your ministry leadership role and everyday life.

I’ll help you align your biblical values and leadership experience. And, you’ll discover how to become a better leader and take greater ownership of every aspect of your life. You’ll be passionately challenged to make real life and ministry leadership changes.

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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
27 How To Make Your Church’s Website More Productive 06/04/2016
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25 Church Closed: The Revealing Behind The Scenes Story Part 2 04/01/2016
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23 The Truth About How To Reach Young Families 03/13/2016
22 5 Heartbreaking Results of Unhealthy Church Growth 02/05/2016
21 Why Your Community Still Needs Your Church 11/28/2015
20 How To Welcome Church Guests Before They Enter 09/16/2015
19 How To Organize A Successful Friend Day 09/10/2015
18 How To Create An Effective Ministry With Limited Resources 09/03/2015
16 4 People You’ll Meet In the Land of Stuck 08/20/2015
15 Staying Gospel Focused When Cultures Collide 08/10/2015
14 Is Your Leadership Under The Tartars Curse? 07/29/2015
13 5 Keys To Working With God In Revitalization 07/22/2015
12 How To Pull Your Church Out Of A Nose-Dive 07/17/2015
11 How To Become A Better Listener To Inspire Productivity 07/07/2015
10 4 More Powerful Ways To Improve Your Services 07/01/2015
9 4 Simple Ways To Create Better Lay Leaders 06/24/2015
8 10 Powerful Questions To Avoid Painful Church Mergers 06/17/2015
7 4 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Services 06/10/2015
6 2 Simple Ways To Improve Your Small Church Services 06/04/2015
5 7 Hidden Ways Your Church Makes Visitors Feel Awkward 05/29/2015
4 Is Your Church Focusing On The Wrong Thing? 05/20/2015
3 How Do You Know If Your Church Is Healthy? 04/25/2015
2 It’s Quality That Matters For The Small Church 01/10/2015