Creating Effective Team Ministries For Small Churches

While developing an effective team ministry in a small church can be difficult, it’s the key to church health. Many smaller congregations have the idea that ministry is solely the responsibility of the pastor. I am unsure where this idea came from, but it definitely needs to be corrected. This view runs contrary to biblical teaching and stops the growth and maturity of the church. Successful churches work toward developing a relationship between the pastor and lay leadership staff.

Creating A Team Ministry

In order for the church to grow, both numerically and spiritually the leadership must work together as a team. Smaller congregations survive and thrive through teamwork.  Power struggles are self-defeating and will kill any church. The pastor and those in leadership cannot vie for power and authority. They must value the importance of shared influence and responsibility. Each have different roles and functions within the life of the congregation. But, only by working together can they lead the church toward fulfilling the biblical responsibility of making mature disciples.

The Purpose Of A Team Ministry

A team ministry provides supervision for the spiritual development and well-being of the church. This means that it should create a clear direction and purpose for the congregation.  They must keep the focus on the mission. Avoid the trap of paralysis by analysis. While you must be wise, those who constantly drag their feet usually don’t get anything done. Prioritize and execute your plans. It cannot degenerate into power struggles between the pastor and other team members. So, rather than competing for power, each values and listens to the input of the other. The spiritual well-being of the church must be a mutual responsibility. An effective ministry team avoids ministry silos. They know that the spiritual care of the congregation is a team responsibility. A ministry team works together with the pastor to create goals and the means to reach these goals.

Building An Effective Team Ministry

To build an effective team ministry a foundation of mutual cooperation must be established. Effective teamwork is built upon relationships. In order for your ministry team to be effective, you should follow the biblical patterns. The keys to positive change in your church are mutual submission and trust.  The entire team should be driven by a love for Christ and His church. Your team should be made up of spiritually mature people. Selection of church leadership positions are too often clouded by personalities and natural abilities. Above all, your church must have leaders who have a genuine love for Christ. They must have a passion for truth, and a consistent Christ-honoring lifestyle.