Why Your Church Website Is Vital To Growth [Video]

In this video, I’ll give you ten reasons why your church website is vital to your church’s growth. This is a very short video, but I think it will help to explain just how important this ministry really is to your church and to your community.

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1. It’s a basic expectation

People expect your church to have one. Having a modern website that is populated with current information says “We care about our church, our message, our mission, and our community”. Not having one gives the opposite impression. Very few people use the Yellow Pages when looking for a church these days. And, some either don’t want or don’t use Facebook or other social media outlets. The bottom line is if people can’t find your church website or can only find limited information on Google, Yahoo or Bing they’ll most likely go somewhere else. If your church doesn’t have a site it basically doesn’t exist.

2.  It’s the only platform you control.

While a church can and should use social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest it’s important to remember they are “free” platforms that you don’t own. Therefore you don’t control them.  They can be sold, shut down, deleted or censored at any time, for any reason or for no reason at all. Putting the majority of your time and effort into platforms that you don’t own is unwise, it’s like building a house on rented property. Churches need to own their web properties, (like a website) if you pay for them, you have more control over them.

3. It helps people find you.

If someone is searching for a church they find you by looking for a website. Back in the day, it used to be that the Yellow Pages was the normal way that people found out about your church, but since the internet came along a church must have a modern website, with audio and video that creates a strong online presence. It’s how people find out about your church and it’s ministries.

4.  It helps people learn about you.

A church website not only tells people what you believe but what you do and what you look like. It helps them understand what they can expect if they visit. A website serves in removing the “fear factor”, which is a huge barrier to entry. You know exactly what I mean if you’ve ever looked for a church, it can be a little scary. A good church website removes some of the fear. They know what you believe, what the inside of your building looks like, what the leaders and the congregation look like, and what you do and when you do it. They’ve seen and heard messages and they get a feel for the church. It helps them to know if it’s a good fit. When they visit they can recognize faces and know what to expect.

5. It gives people a good “first impression”.

This is the reason why you need to have a modern website that is well maintained and updated often. A church website should show who you are and what you do. So put your best foot forward. It should be a living breathing thing and reflect your church’s life. It should never be a static billboard because that simply says we don’t care.

6. It connects your church family.

The church website can and should become the hub of your church’s ministries. It should be the one place where your members can go to get up to the minute information, articles, recent audio and video, as well as notifications about emergencies, rescheduling, cancellations and the church’s activities.

7.  It fosters community with your locality.

For years communities have viewed churches as “takers” who only want your time and money. Reveal to your locality that your church is a giver, not a taker. This builds transparency, trust, and interest in your church. And it provides a vehicle for creating a powerful influence in their lives. It should include not only your church events but should show how your church is involved in the life of the community. Things like how your church is helping a family that was burned out, feeding the hungry, anything that shows “we care”.

8.  It helps spread the gospel.

A great church website uses every means possible to spread the gospel of Christ. Use articles, compelling graphics, audio, and video to help your church connect with those outside your church. Make sure you use easy to understand terms that the unchurched can grasp, that way you can reach people who are unfamiliar with Christian terms and paradigms.

9.  It helps make disciples.

Christians, both inside and outside of your church are often searching for something to strengthen them spiritually. Your church can minister in ways you never thought possible with spiritually rich, doctrinally sound content that is helpful and beneficial to their walk with Christ. They may read, listen or see something on your site and say “I’d like to know more” or say “I think I’d like to visit that church”.

10. It is free advertising.

One of the great things about a good website is that anytime your church has an event, you can post it immediately and connect it to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. You can broadcast it to those who have already shown interest in your church and they can share it with others.