Church Consulting


Because sometimes ...

it takes more than just insight, you need an adviser with proven tools for success.


Strengthen and streamline your church's ministry to create more impact in your community. The best leaders welcome the opportunity to have an unbiased confidant come alongside to give them clarity, guidance, and wisdom where they need it the most.

Church consulting can help you align your ministry assets and actions so that your church can improve its overall stewardship. You'll discover how to make the best use of your resources so you can strategically leverage your efforts, mobilize, and motivate your membership. Consulting can help give your church the clarity and vibrancy that drives healthy growth.   


  • Understand cultural trends 
  • Think strategically
  • Set priorities and goals
  • Hidden reasons hindering healthy growth
  • Create an online strategy that works
  • Find the strengths of your group
  • Use the principles of change to work for you
  • Navigate internal conflicts 
  • Use internal & external demographics
  • Establish a criterion for a healthy church 

I have known T.L. Walters for almost twenty years. I have seen through these years a man that has a heart for the local church. He has what it takes to minister to a church that is struggling or just needs pointing in the right direction. He has a real desire is to see Christ glorified and the church edified. He's been a valuable asset to the church I pastor. He designed our website, held revival services and has kept us informed on the best ways to protect our church and serve our community.

C. S. Hicks

Pastor Beaver Creek Baptist Church

One thing I found most refreshing about Terry is that he understands that practical approaches to ministry (some may call them "business" or "secular" methods) are not at odds with Biblical teachings. . . . Terry "gets it".  He will bring to your church or organization that proper balance of up-to-date business methods appropriately applied to further the Kingdom of God.  In my opinion, it is a mix that you rarely find in an individual.  A man who is well grounded in Biblical truths with the ability to actually reach those who need to hear these messages, making use of modern resources that God has provided to do exactly that!

Bob Ashcraft

Deacon - Professional Software Developer

Streamline Your Ministry With A Comprehensive Consultation!

Class For Church Consulting 300 X 200

  • Financial analysis and recommendations.
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals through my Tetrad Church Leadership System™
  • Developing systems to increase return on time and effort
  • Creating a mission statement that represents your church
  • Demographic research and analysis of your community
  • Identify the people groups that your church can reach quickly.
  • Learn to create orientation & assimilation systems to retain your guests. 
  • Discover your church's barriers to growth.
  • Learn how to develop a website and online strategy
  • And more . . .

Build A Healthier Ministry!

 . . . we really had no concerted effort to minister beyond the doors of our church. . . T. L. Walters changed that.  Starting by helping us to determine how God would want us to serve Him.  We took a hard look at things like the demographics of our membership and our community.  This resulted in a mission statement that would guide our focus on what we could do to be more "outward facing" and better serve those beyond our doors, always in the name of The Lord, and to His glory.