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As a minister, leadership speaker, coach, and consultant T. L. Walters has worked with and spoken to a wide variety of churches and private organizations. His ministry has helped believers move from being spiritual spectators to healthy, authentic committed followers of Jesus by showing them how to live out God's truth in transformational ways. 

Leading From Experience

T. L. Walters has been a Christian for over 4 decades answering the call to preach the gospel over 35 years ago. He's served as a senior pastor for over 22 years and as a full-time speaker for 12 years. He's spoken in a wide variety of conferences, seminars and special meetings in over 400 churches in 25 States. With more than three decades of "in-the-trenches" ministry experience, his preaching, videos, audios, website and print resources have reached thousands.  



In addition to his speaking ministry, T. L. Walters helps churches through his leadership coaching and church consulting services. He's worked for high-tech Fortune 500 industries and other nonprofit organizations for 25 years concurrent with his ministry. As a result, he's committed to redefining leadership in a personal, yet practical way and helping churches become more effective and efficient.  


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I've been happily married for more than 40 years to a beautiful woman that I am proud to call my wife and together we have two adult children whom we love very much. Individually we have our own passions for helping people. Carolyn is a singer/songwriter and loves to help people through counseling and life coaching. We often have the opportunity to work together in conferences or seminars.

I still believe in the amazing power of God to change individual lives and the incredible potential everyone possesses. I continue to stand in awe at the immense and stunning beauty of the universe and the world in which we live. I love the sight of my wife’s loving smile and the sound of her laughter. I love the comforts of home and my family being together around the table or in our living room.

I admire courage, honesty, optimism and the astounding wisdom of my father's generation. I like a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee, dogs, movies that challenge me to be a better person, and discovering how to do almost anything more efficiently. I like common courtesy, occasionally listening to the blues, genuine friendship and the rhythm of a regular routine.


T. L. Walters educational background includes a BA in Christian Leadership and Management and an AA in Religion from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia (2019). He has a Diploma in Biblical Counselling from Light University in Forest, Virginia specializing in Stress & Trauma Care with a military application and in Gerontology and holds a certificate in Leadership Coaching. He has a certificate in Safety and Security for Places of Worship from PSU Crisis Management and Training Group in St. Petersburg, Florida. Walters holds a certificate in Church Consulting from the Society For Church Consulting in Louisville, Kentucky.  And, has diplomas and certificates in Missiology and Biblical Hermeneutics and Homiletics from several independent theological schools. He also studied leadership, business and business communications receiving certificates in Offsite Faculty and Team Building, Financial Analysis, Operation Management, Professional Communication, Media Training, Cyber Security and Advanced SEO Tactics and Strategy. 

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No Obligation In Any Way ...