7 Qualities of Transformational Church Leadership [Video]

There are at least 7 qualities needed to produce transformational church leadership. The Christian church has a very distinct mission. We are to “Go and make disciples”. It’s true that some churches can’t grow due to demographics issues. Some won’t grow because of disinterest in fulfilling the Great Commission. And still, others are distracted with internal conflicts or just lack zeal.

Yet, I talk with church leaders each week, who’d like to see their congregations grow, but nothing seems to work. Sometimes they aren’t trying anything new. They’re just putting a new facade on the same old things. But often even these aren’t the reasons they don’t make progress.

A church and its leadership must be receptive to the idea of growth. These 7 qualities of transformational church leadership can provide an atmosphere for healthy church growth. In nearly every case their absence can restrict a church’s progress.

So “What are these 7 basic leadership qualities?”

7 Qualities of Transformational Church Leadership.

Quality #1. Recruit the Motivated.

Most people want good leadership, but don’t know where to start. So where do you look to find the people who can help you move your church forward?

There are generally three groups in any church.

Group One: The Followers. They aren’t interested in becoming a leader. They merely want someone to lead.
Group Two: The Skeptics. They won’t lead. They have a problem to every solution. They resist and oppose any change.
Group Three: The Motivated. They are the reluctant leaders who are willing to learn, grow, stretch and move forward.

If you recruit leaders from the motivated group, you’ll move your church forward faster.

Quality #2. Acclimate to Change.

Learn to breathe in an atmosphere of change. Your resistance is often bypassing an opportunity for growth. Learn to prefer the exhilaration of change, to the comfort of stagnation.

Quality #3. Expedite Decision Making.

Stop overthinking everything. Do your homework and make the decision. While everyone won’t opt-in nor be excited about it, making decisions faster keeps the church receptive to change.

Quality #4. Know Your Limitations.

Everyone knows you’re not Superman, but even Superman has limitations. Setting boundaries diminish your importance as a leader, it’s saying you’re more efficient within certain parameters. Keep in mind that over-commitment is the fastest way to burnout.

Quality #5. Fail Faster.

Keep an eye on the metrics. Stop wasting resources on things that aren’t working. Discover what produces and what doesn’t. If after a couple of iterations it still isn’t working, swallow your pride and move on. Roll the lessons you’ve learned into the next project.

Quality #6. Share the Leadership.

Stop feeling like you’re responsible for everything in your church. You’ll burn out trying to micro-manage it all. Create a healthy environment by learning how to facilitate responsibility. Let others share in leadership.

Quality #7. Unplug and Refocus.

Faster change requires the need for unplugging more frequently. Maintain clarity by taking the time to distance yourself from the epicenter. Recharge your spiritual and mental batteries and refocus on what comes next.


We know that healthy church growth is a supernatural work of God. But we also know that God also uses people to accomplish His work to reach others with the hope of the Gospel. And, He uses both of these together to produce healthy growth. Let’s use biblical wisdom and common sense in these days of increasing darkness to spread His word.