5 Disastrous Trends Undermining Your Church’s Success

Church revitalization should be an ongoing project in the life of a church. It’s a necessary step in sustaining it’s health and extending it’s life. But, in order for this to happen the local church leadership must deal with some very difficult issues and ask themselves some hard questions. There will be no lasting change until this is done. Those in positions of responsibility in the church must honestly access their own leadership strengths and weakness, as well as those of their ministries for which they are responsible. Ignoring these issues only exacerbates church decline, stunts church growth and hastens church closure.

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Here are 5 dangerous trends undermining your church’s success.

  1. There’s a been a drastic change in American culture and the church is losing ground. We aren’t reaching and training the church of tomorrow. Of those who are between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five only fifteen percent claim to be Christians. This is the lowest number in recorded American history for that age group.
  2. Hyper-criticism has become a huge part of our secular culture. Many pastors and church leaders feel paralyzed by critics from both inside and outside of the church. As a result of the pressure to win acceptance, some church leaders are embracing and teaching unbiblical issues. This furthers the spiritual decline of a church, as it fails to conform to biblical principles and standards and becomes more like the culture.
  3. Communities are out-growing the church’s ability to keep up. The majority of churches are quickly losing ground in their neighborhoods. Ninety percent of American churches have reported that they are either declining or plateaued. Most churches are not keeping up with the growth rate of their communities.
  4. More and more churches are closing their doors. More than 4,000 churches are closing every year and few church plants successfully become a healthy established church.
  5. The pastoral burnout and turnover rate is very high, many don’t make it further than their third year. Nearly 50,000 established churches will find themselves searching for a pastor in a year. This constant leadership change hinders growth and undermines the stability of the churches ministry.

These are only a few issues. We must not only be aware of these, but actively seek ways to remedy them through church revitalization efforts. If you or your church are facing these kinds of issues contact me. Together we can begin the process of stabilizing and creating a better atmosphere for your church to grow.
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