4 Reasons Why You Need A Hospitality Ministry

When first time visitors arrive they immediately begin sizing up your church. Many surveys show the majority decide within 15 minutes whether they’ll return or not. Wow! That means they’ve made up their minds before the announcements, music or the message. And, they will share their first experience in your church with other people 8-15 times. Good or bad, the news spreads fast about your church. Don’t underestimate the impact of having a hospitality ministry.

Even if your building layout or location is a hindrance, use those hurtles to your advantage – be creative. Think of ways of turning them into an exceptional hospitality opportunity. Your church will have more visitors in one year than you think. Many studies reveal that guests comprise almost 8% of the attendees during the course of a year. So, here’s four reasons why you need a hospitality ministry.

1. Great Starting Spot For Service

A hospitality ministry is a great place to start for those who want to get involved in a church’s ministry. It doesn’t take theological training or any special skills. The only requirements are friendliness, a desire to help others and some basics about the church. A hospitality team plays an important part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

2. A Vital Link In Reaching Others

There’s a lot riding on your church hospitality. Your guests might be the result of years of prayer, witnessing and being invited by your church family. Or, their visit may be the answer to the prayers of those whom you’ve never met. People are depending on your church and it’s ministry to do it’s part to reach their loved ones.

3. Helps People Be More Responsive

Church hospitality can show the love of Christ to others when they need it most. People often look for a church when they are going through difficult circumstances. It may be they’ve just moved, they’re facing a challenging experience or a relationship transition. These issues can make them more responsive to the ministry of the Word and the church. A good hospitality ministry helps guests feel cared for, more relaxed and receptive.

4. An Investment In Other Ministries

Having an active hospitality ministry creates a memorable impression for your guests. It tells them whether their presence matters. Think of it as a major investment in all your ministries. As your church prays for laborers to do the work of the ministry, God sends them right through your front door. The next guest you welcome could be the answer to your church’s prayers.