026: Church Closed: The Revealing Behind The Scenes Story Part 3

Takeaways - What We Can Learn, Implement and Avoid

Church Closed: You don’t want to miss this third and last podcast in the series. These very short audio podcasts are not merely for pastors and church leaders alone, but for all Christians who are concerned about their own congregations. Make sure you listen to Part 1 and Part 2 so that you will get a better understanding this final installment. I saw the story in our local news and decided to reach out to this congregation’s final pastor. My goal was to gain insight on why and how this happened and to help other churches and pastors. So, I’m unpacking the results of the interview I conducted with him. And, I’m sorting through the results in this three-part series. For the sake of privacy, I’ll not reveal the name of the church or of the pastor.

In this episode I shifted our conversation to the church’s outreach efforts; such as events and advertising. And, then I close with some very important takeaways from the story. Listen closely and perhaps you can glean some things that can help you and your church better understanding of why some churches close.

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Hopefully together we’ve discovered some of the things we can learn, what we can avoided and what we can begin doing in our own churches. Perhaps even your church. If you’ve not listen to the previous podcasts I urge you to do so.