025: Church Closed: The Revealing Behind The Scenes Story Part 2

Prejudice And Priorities

Church Closed! How does a church that survived for nearly 90 years wind up closing its doors? This is part 2 in a podcast series where I’m examining that question, because that is exactly what happened to a church in our immediate area just 2 weeks ago. When I saw the story in our local news I decided to reach out to this congregation’s final pastor. I wanted to gain more insight on this tragedy of why this church closed in hopes of helping other churches and pastors. So, I’m unpacking the results of an interview I conducted with him and sorting through the results in several podcasts. For the sake of privacy, I’ll not reveal the name of the church or of the pastor.

In this podcast I shifted our conversation to the demographics. I asked the pastor to give me a brief overview of the demographics both outside and inside the church. I wanted to examine if the church closed as a result of demographics changes. What I learned is a sad commentary on some churches priorities and prejudices. But, it helps us get a better understanding of why some churches close.

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I’ll proceed with my finding from this interview in the next few podcasts, hopefully discover together what happened. What things we can learn, what we should avoided and what we can implement to avoid further church closures. Perhaps even your church. This series of podcasts is not merely for pastors and church leaders alone, but for all Christians who are concerned about the state of the church and their own congregations.