024: Church Closed: The Revealing Behind The Scenes Story

Part 1 - A Cautionary Tale

A church in our immediate area closed its doors permanently this week after being in existence for nearly 90 years. When I saw the story in our local news I decided to reach out to this congregation’s final pastor. I wanted to gain more insight on this tragedy in hopes of helping other churches and pastors. Over the next few podcasts I will unpack the results of that interview with the pastor.

Listen To The Podcast

I hope that you will stay with me over the next few weeks and listen. Hopefully we’ll discover what happened, what lessons can be learned, what things to avoided and what we should implement to avoid further church closures. This series of podcasts is not merely for pastors and church leaders alone, but for all Christians who are concerned about the state of the church and their own congregations.

One of the first questions that I asked the pastor was to give me a timeline of this historic church and what he saw as contributing factors to its closing. For the sake of privacy, I’ll not reveal the name of the church or of the pastor, but the lessons are clear. So, in this first podcast I’ll be giving a bird’s eye view of the church’s timeline and major transitional phases. In future podcasts I’ll take a closer look at specific issues during the church’s history, along with my comments.