019: How To Organize A Successful Friend Day

Personal invitations are one of the productive ways to get people to visit your church.  A large portion of these simply come because someone ask them to be their guest. Of course, church members and regular attenders should make it a habit to invite friends, family and co-workers. But, occasionally a concerted effort focused on a particular day can produce the best overall results.  These special emphasis days must be organized in order to be effective. Failure to plan adequately is planning to fail ultimately.

Christians sometimes have the misguided idea that organization and planning leaves out the work of the Holy Spirit. But, to the contrary, our Lord is a God of order. He doesn’t do things on a whim, but works through planning and proper execution. Throughout Scripture He reveals to us this great truth. And, because we are made in His image, we should follow His example.

Everything we do should be to glorify God. Having a “Friend Day” is no different. It isn’t just about the number of visitors, it’s about being obedient to the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. Here are seven things to consider when organizing a “Friend Day” for your church.

It Must Start With A Burden

Before considering having a “Friend Day”, your church leaders and your church must have a broken heart for those without Christ. There has to be a genuine desire that God would bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ through the ministry of your church. There must be an urgency about reaching out to the community and making disciples. Without this earnestness, there will be no lasting physical or spiritual results.

Ignite “Friend Day” with prayer

  • Pray that God would work in the hearts of those already in attendance
  • Pray specifically for every aspect of that particular Sunday
  • Have folks write down the names of those whom they will invite
  • Pray for these people by name in your private and corporate prayer time
  • Ask God to providentially provide opportunities to invite them

Create buzz around “Friend Day”

  • Keep it constantly before the church:
    • Announcements, bulletins, bulletin boards, etc.
    • Social media and email reminders
  • Allow individuals to share personal invitation stories.
  • Organize your church hospitality teams in advance
  • Prepare materials your people can give away to potential visitors.

Prepare greeters for “Friend Day” 

  • Give your greeters and ushers a refresher course.
  • Get your facilities in shape to welcome guests.
  • Look over your Guest Welcome Packet.
  • Review your plans on getting guest contact information.
  • Make sure you have a guest follow-up process.

Sharing tools for “Friend Day”.

  • Have plenty of invitation cards and materials.
  • Give instructions and ideas about posting flyers.
  • Create “shareable” Facebook and Twitter images.
  • Advertise “Friend Day” on your website.

Have a special message on “Friend Day”.

  • Have a special sermon series around a life issue.
  • Reveal the relevancy of Scripture.
  • Give visitors the opportunity to connect in response to the sermon.
  • Have an event in the near future you can invite your guests to attend.
  • Encourage people to connect with others and create new friendships.

Don’t let up after “Friend Day”.

  • Remind your guests of your next event.
  • Show how your church is connecting with the community.
  • Follow-up on those who attended your “Friend Day”
  • Continue to pray for them and for those who were invited and didn’t respond.