016: 4 People You’ll Meet In the Land of Stuck

We all get stranded in the “Land of Stuck” from time to time, but staying there is another matter. The fact is we all love our comfort zones. Our ego takes a hit when we are made aware that we have fallen into a rut. But, it’s what we do after we are made aware of our “stuckedness” that is important. (I know it’s not a word, but you know what I mean.) Things can happen in our lives that can crush us, impede our progress and cause us major setbacks. But, just because we venture there occasionally, doesn’t mean we have to live there. We have to regain our bearings, make our plans and start our journey out of the “Land of Stuck”.

There are people who inspire me and those who . . . well . . . are less than inspiring. In the last few years I have observed many people in the “land of the stuck”. It’s easy to see ourselves and others whom we know in one or more of these four groups. This is by no means an exhaustive list of those you’ll meet in the “Land of Stuck”, but hopefully it will get you thinking.

The “Stuck and Clueless”.

These folks are completely oblivious. They drift aimlessly through life and lack much in the way of motivation and drive. They are undisturbed about their lack of progress. They couldn’t care less about where they presently are and where they are heading in life. They live in a state of perpetual denial. There is no deep restlessness or desire to do any better. It isn’t any secret that they don’t value their lives or desire to add value to anyone else’s.  Their motto is “Eat, drink, for tomorrow we die”.

The “Stuck and Reactionary”.

This group can only be motivated by fear. The only thing that gets them moving are threats to their comfort zone. Negative life events, breakdowns, breakups, major relationship changes or financial failures catapult them to immediate action. They run to quickly re-establish their comfort zone and then wait nervously for the next major crisis. In the meantime, there are no plans made to avert the next catastrophe. They never seem to learn that reacting is a poor substitute for planning. These poor folks go through life making hasty (and often bad) decisions based on immediate needs. Their motto is “One step forward, two steps back”.

The “Stuck and Blame Shifting”.

They blame everyone else for their “stuckedness”. They believe others are keeping them from making progress. This can sometimes border on being delusional. They see conspiracies where none exist. They lash out at others and at their own circumstances. They reject their own responsibility and refuse to accept the consequences that follow.  Their motto is  “Things wouldn’t be this way if they…”

Finally, there are the “Stuck but Hopeful”.

They live in joyful hope. They view being in the “Land of Stuck” as just a temporary layover. They aren’t in denial. They admit they have taken some major hits in life. They know they’re stuck, but they’re not content to stay there. They find joy in valuing their own life and have a desire to add value to others. They acknowledge getting out of the “Land of Stuck” won’t be easy. They understand there are giants to face, mountains to climb and major deserts to cross. But, they are equipping themselves for the trip. They explore their options, plot a course and watch for mileposts till they emerge safely out of danger. They refuse to drift off course, to be fearful or to shift blame to others. They take responsibility for themselves and the consequences of their actions. Their motto is “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” —John Wooden   This group inspires me when I feel that I am getting stuck myself. I want to make the most of the life that God has so graciously given me and not remain in the “Land of Stuck”.