010: 4 More Powerful Ways To Improve Your Services

Improving your worship service should be a constant work in progress. I wrote previously about ways to improve your worship services here and here. I am adding four more powerful ways to improve your services.

Making simple changes can greatly improve the the quality of the average worship service. If you are in charge of the worship services at your church and see a need to bring you services to life in a biblical way, consider these recommendations. They are biblically based, practical and universal, so they can be implemented by any church, regardless of your congregation’s size, location, culture, or worship style.

1. Improve Your Worship Service By Making The Preaching Expositional.

Read the text, preach the text, expound on the text, illustrate the text, make the text live. Make the point of your sermon the point of the passage. Too many preachers think they are preaching the Bible when they are not. They read the text and depart never to return. Regardless if you’re preaching from a single verse, a scripture portion or an entire chapter, expositional preaching should expound, expose, illustrate and apply the text. Avoid dead dry lectures, endless quotes and sermons that don’t speak to your congregation. Make the Scriptures live through your message.

2. Improve Your Worship Service By Reading Scripture.

Expose your people to the Scripture by obeying the biblical command to give attention to the public reading of Scripture. Often this practice is ignored or neglected by many churches. One of the best ways to go about doing this is to read through books of the Bible consecutively. Simply pick a book and read through a chapter each week. This can either be done through responsive readings or having someone who is a good reader to speak them aloud. If a chapter seems too long, then take half of the chapter this week and the other half the next. Read them in an expressive way that reflects a “reverence and awe” for God. Avoid reading the them in a droning, monotone and unenthusiastic way.

3. Improve Your Worship Service By Making it Prayerful.

Prayer is part of public worship. Many believers and unbelievers alike take the position that prayer is a waste of time and boring in a public service. However, that shouldn’t hinder us from making prayer a vital part of our services. Could it be that they have heard too many lifeless prayers? If your church isn’t familiar with the act of making public prayer a vital part of the worship service experience it would probably be helpful to teach a short session of value and practice of praying publicly.

 4. Improve Your Worship Service By Improving The Music.

Music is an essential part of worship. Regardless of your music style, make sure that the music serves as the accompaniment to the congregational singing and not the other way around. Some congregations seem to sing softer than others so the musician must be aware if they are drowning out the congregation. On the other hand some churches are very robust and hearty in their singing and the musicians can be a bit timid. Keeping a good balance between the two is always a plus.