007: 4 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Services

Improving your worship service should be a frequently visited topic, because it’s a constant work in progress. After all worship should be the center of everything a church does.  As a result of the traveling part of my ministry, I’ve often  been privileged to worshiped the Lord in a different church on most Sundays. My experience of being in hundreds of churches has often cause me to think a great deal about the worship of God in the local church. I realize that any changes in the worship service can come only as a product of prayer, the work of the Holy Spirit, and taking the initiative to make them happen.

Most churches could make some dramatic improvements in the quality of their worship by making some simple changes. After more than a quarter-century of ministry and of leading worship services, I also understand why making these “simple” changes can be quite difficult. If you are a church leader who senses the need for a renewed vitality in your church’s worship services, consider these recommendations. They are biblically based, very practical and are almost universal, so they can be implemented by any church, regardless of your congregation’s size, location, culture, or worship style.

1. Improve Your Worship Service By Making It God-Centered.

The church gathers to worship God. Go through your order of worship and make sure that it specifically magnifies God in every part. If it doesn’t then eliminate items that cause the church to be distracted from focusing on worshipping God. Consider making a special time, either preceding the service or directly afterwards, for welcoming visitors or making special announcements of interest to your congregation. Put them in the schedule just before or after the time when God is to be the exclusive focus.

2. Improve Your Worship Service By Making It Biblical.

Every part of your worship service should have biblical basis. In Scripture we can see these elements clearly: biblical preaching, God focused praying, regular administration of the ordinances, cheerful giving, scriptural heartfelt singing and warm fellowship. Examine the order of service and see if it has a Biblical basis. God tells us how He desires to be worshipped. You and your church can worship with confidence when you know that everything you do in worship has either a Biblical command, a scriptural example, or clear biblical inference that supports your act of worship. Begin the process of eliminating parts of your public worship for which you can’t find a solid biblical foundation.

3. Improve Your Worship Service By Making It Vibrant.

Worshipping God includes more than just incorporating the right elements. Our worship should be done with reverence and awe, in faith and in spirit. Although these things cannot be imposed or forced upon a congregation, the individual leading the worship service can set the atmosphere. While we should avoid flippancy, we must be careful not to become dull, dry and dead in the worship of the Living God. Smile, even laugh when it is appropriate, displaying expressions of spiritual joy, sorrow and heartfelt tears are all a part of experiencing the Lord. When these things are genuine and done appropriately , they do not draw the focus away from God, but help the congregation sense their need of knowing God in a living relationship with Him.

4. Improve Your Worship Service By Making Careful Evaluations.

If anything is worth doing well, it’s our worship of God. One of the best ways to improve the quality of our services is to remain watchful of our worship service experience. This evaluation will help you make adjustments as necessary. Think of this as a work in process, over time you’ll begin to see some major improvements in your worship service experience that you possibly never thought possible.