006: 2 Simple Ways To Improve Your Small Church Services

The worship service is the centerpiece of church life. So, taking some steps to constantly improve the worship service should be something you think about frequently. I’ve been privileged to worshiped the Lord in hundreds of churches in the U.S. and Canada. After more than a 33 years of ministry and leading worship services, I also know that making even the simplest changes can often be difficult and should be done prayerfully and carefully.

If you are in charge of leading worship at your church and you know that your church worship needs improvement, consider these recommendations. They are biblical, practical and nearly universal, so they can be used by almost any church.

Make Smooth Transitions Between Worship Elements

Connect the various elements of worship. Smooth out the transitions, don’t leave them disconnected and then jarringly go to the next one. When transitioning from one hymn to the next for example, give a brief (usually a sentence or two) explanation of how singing the next song will help us to worship God and tell them the page number. Remember to do it in a way that helps people’s keep their focus on God.
You can use good transitions in your service to instruct and remind the congregation about the “what, why and how” of worship. After singing a hymn, you could transition to the public reading of Scripture by saying, “Take your Bible and turn to Galatians chapter 2 for the reading of God’s Word. Since the Bible tells us that we should ‘give attention to the public reading of Scripture,’ we read God’s Word publicly every Lord’s Day. Today we’ll be reading from the Book of Galatians. Please listen closely as I begin reading at verse one.”

Improve Your Worship Service By Making It Congregational

Make your worship a congregational experience. Biblical worship incorporates the entire congregation. Those who lead in worship should keep the focus on and toward God. Every believer in Christ who is in the congregation should be involved in worship not just observe it. And while it can sometimes be appropriate to incorporate special music, singing or other additions be careful that these are in keeping with the flow and direction of the service. Don’t allow them deteriorate into a platform for performances. Overall, it’s best to involve your whole congregation in worship through hearing and reading God’s Word, singing, prayer, participating the the ordinances and fellowship. Do not let your church become a spectator sport, where they are just observers.