003: How Do You Know If Your Church Is Healthy?

Is your church healthy? How do you know? What is the benchmark of a healthy church? Are you making progress? These are the questions that church leaders should be constantly asking themselves. Establishing a biblical model for your church is essential. It can answer all of these questions and more.  You can lead your congregation toward becoming a strong, vibrant and healthy church, but you must have a standard of measurement.

Why Establish A Biblical Church Model

As a church leader it is important that you first have a mental “picture” or outline of what a healthy church looks like according to Scripture. It’s easy for this “picture” to be lost, ignored or overlooked when you’re dealing with all the minutia of ministry. It can be confusing if you start listening to some of the voices in our culture and even sometimes those in our church culture. So, it’s important to envision what a biblical church model looks like from Scripture. This helps you to sort through the noise and gain insight, clarity and focus on what a church is supposed to be and what it is to do. It gives you a guideline by which you can evaluate the current state of your existing ministries.

Evaluate, Explore and Establish

As a church leader you should either develop or adopt an outline of what a biblical church model looks like. You will find it gives you a framework through which you can evaluate existing ministries, explore expansion possibilities and establish proper guidelines.

Biblical Church Model Examples

There are several existing biblical models for your church that can be adopted and/or slightly modified. I am mentioning two good ones in this post that immediately come to mind and are quite popular.

First, is the 9Marks model, developed by Mark Dever. This church model enumerates nine marks or characteristics of a biblical church. These are:

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  • Biblical preaching
  • Biblical theology
  • Biblical Gospel
  • Biblical conversion
  • Biblical evangelism
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  • Biblical church membership
  • Biblical church discipline
  • Biblical discipleship
  • Biblical leadership


The second model was developed by Chuck Lawless and the Lawless Group. It defines a Healthy Church as being built upon three things: A Biblical and theological foundation of knowing the power of God’s Spirit, understanding who we are individually in Christ and corporately as His church. It also includes the following:
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  • Exalt God in Worship
  • Evangelize the world through proclamation and missions
  • Equip believers through teaching & mentoring
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  • Edify others through ministry and service
  • Encounter God in prayer
  • Encourage one another in fellowship


 How To Use A Biblical Church Model

Whatever biblical church model you develop or adopt you should keep it handy and share it with your leadership team. Measure everything your church does by it, and make adjustments as necessary to keep your church ministry on track.

Good church models such as these can help establish a Scriptural base-line in evaluating what a healthy church looks like. From there you can begin moving your church toward expanding your biblical evangelism and discipleship processes. These models help in creating a comprehensive plan for training your church in reaching others with the gospel and developing ways that new people can be brought into the church’s discipleship program.